Quality Assurance

ISO 9001:2008

Radiant is an ISO 9001 Company and works with Quality System. At its UAE Facility, Radiant has certified 6 sigma black belt's in its team to
insure that operational efficiency and excellence is an ongoing process.

Radiant’s gensets undergo stringent quality checks that includes 15 test points prior to despatch of the equipment. Radiant has its own Load banks at Sharjah to provide customer with off site testing.

Genset Testing Facility

State of the art testing facility at Radiant amongst the best in the region. The machines undergo stringent quality assurance at raw material stage and also at Assembly of the components, testing, painting, packing & pre despatch inspection (PDI).

Testing facility at Radiant comprises of 2 MW water load Bank. The testing panel includes digital meters of accuracy + / - 0.5, 3200 amps ACB. A computer with software & transducer record all the parameters during the test cycle which includes line voltage, line current, frequency, kilo watts, power factor etc at various loads. High precision equipments are used to measure parameters like vibration, noise level, temperature rise, insulation resistance, HV tests etc.

To ensure the accuracy of the testing equipments they are calibrated regularly by reputed testing laboratories.