Radiant offers clients following support services :

Radiant maintains stock of spares & parts to provide customer’s round the clock service support.

Radiant offers reliable one stop solution for your POWER needs.


Radiant Turnkey Design

Generators are our speciality and our experience in various industries means we can supply you with Generator that best suits your needs. Consult with us at the beginning of a project and we will specifiy, design, manufacture and install a power solution that matches your requirements. We also have the expertise to provide commissioning , testing & Generator operating services.

Radiant - Service

With our experienced team of service engineers, we provide you with 'Annual Maintenance contract' to ensure your peace of mind. Taking out a service contract means regular maintenance of your prime investment . We have various categories of Services including 24X7 , comprehensive maintenance service. Overhauling of old Gen sets and so on.

We can also offer 3G Operational capacity - log in from anywhere in the world to monitor, test and use your device. This saves time and money if your generator is in a remote location